About Us

GX2 Defense is headquartered in Southern California and was founded by a father and son team who are both avid gun sportsman and enthusiasts. After years of recreational shooting and running a successful manufacturing business together outside of the gun industry, they came up with an innovative idea that would allow them to turn their passion as gun sportsman into a new business endeavor utilizing their proprietary technology and manufacturing process from an entirely different industry. They immediately began working to reengineer their technology so that they could bring their new idea to life and introduce it to gun sportsman alike. Their idea; a proprietary product line of flexible polymeric self-healing or self-curing shooting targets which would allow shooters to utilize the same target thousands of rounds with multiple calibers. Their proprietary technology and material is formulated so that when a bullet enters into the target and then exits the target; the target itself immediately begins to mend its own wound from the bullets exit. This technology prevents the target from breaking down or breaking apart, giving it a very impressive durability factor and lifespan. 
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