What are your self healing targets made from?

Our targets are made from a proprietary durable flexible polymeric material. 


What do you mean by 'self healing' targets?

Our definition of 'self healing' is that our target material expands upon bullet entry and immediately contracts upon bullet exit preventing the target from breaking apart or 'blowing out'. The flexible nature of our material provides a very impressive durability factor and lifespan. Our material will mend its own wounds by closing up entry and exit points up to 98% of the way in ideal situations and or settings. Results will vary based on caliber, grain, distance and concentration of hits and or groupings. 


What type of ammo and or calibers can be used with your targets?

Simply put. You can shoot our targets with .22 caliber up to .50 caliber ammunitions. However, ammunition is not always simple. There are dozens and dozens of ammunition variables which can affect the performance of our material. For best results, we suggest you avoid using the following:

Jacketed Hollow Points, Self Defense Rounds, Flat Head/Flat Tip Rounds, Magnum Rounds, Wadcutter Rounds, Slugs or anything else comparable or similar. 


How long can one target last?

Our targets can be shot 2,000 to 10,000 plus times depending on its size. However, ultimately the life of a target will depend on caliber used, grain, distance and the concentration of your hits and or groupings. Remember, bullets are designed to maim, destroy and kill. Eventually, a bullet is going to damage anything. 


How do I know my bullet made contact with the target? 

You can visually confirm and or track your hits when shooting one of our targets because the bullet will leave a friction burn marking as it passes through the material. The visibility of the friction burn markings may vary based on caliber, grain and distance. 


Do the bullets go through the target?

Yes, the bullets will go through our target material. Our targets are not designed to stop bullets or projectiles. 


Should I be concerned about ricochet? 

When shooting a firearm, you should always be concerned about your safety and the safety of others. Our material is designed so that the bullet enters and exits our targets. The likelihood of ricochet is incredibly slim, however anything can happen and is possible when dealing with firearms and live ammunition rounds. Always proceed with extreme caution when shooting and to ensure the safety of yourself and others to prevent bodily harm, injury or death. 


Are your targets weather proof? Do they react different in the heat vs. the cold? 

Yes, our targets are weather proof. They are perfect for many climates and will not get damaged by water or most climate settings. Extremely hot temperatures can make our material even more flexible and extremely cold temperatures can make our material more rigid. Results may vary per climate or temperature. 


Can your targets be used at indoor shooting ranges?

Yes, they can be used at indoor shooting ranges. However, it really depends on what the indoor range you shoot at allows and whether or not their indoor range cable system can support the weight of our targets. Some indoor ranges require all targets to be fastened or hung from their cable system and some indoor ranges allow portable target stands down range. 


How much do your targets weigh?

Weight varies per target. They range from (4) pounds to (10) pounds. Our targets are very solid and robust, yet flexible enough to accommodate the entry and exit of a bullet. 


Why should I buy and shoot one of your targets?

We're not trying to replace paper, cardboard or other traditional shooting targets. We're trying to provide shooters with a new shooting experience. An experience that is safe, fun and a change of pace. Wether you are a new shooter, weekend shooter, professional shooter, tactical shooter, military or law enforcement shooter — you can count on having a great time at the range with targets from GX2 Defense. 


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